What Type of Attorney Should I Be?

October 7, 2021 Rosie Brooks 0 Comments

The decision to go to law school is a big one. Before you invest time and money into pursuing a law degree, it’s a good idea to be sure about what type of law you hope to practice. While general interest in law is a great start, knowing whether you’re passionate about helping people in cases of negligence, working to secure favorable verdicts, or helping someone after a car accident is important. For a closer look at a few types of law that might be of interest to you before applying to law school, read on.

Personal Injury Lawyers


If you aren’t sure about the type of law you might be interested in focusing on, one of the first steps you can take is to meet with a college admissions consultant to further explore your personal interests and prep for a top college admissions interview. In meeting with an admissions consultant, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of your personality and career paths that might work best for you.

For some people, life experiences play into their decisions about the type of law they decide to pursue. For example, maybe you have a family member who suffered a serious personal injury in a car accident or at work. If you know someone who had head trauma from an auto accident and needed help getting fair compensation, you already know the value of personal injury law. In taking your own life experiences with your loved one to apply them to people you might serve in the future, you could be one step closer to a law career that suits your passions.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys


Many lawyers find great satisfaction in malpractice law. If you’re someone who enjoys complex paperwork and analysis and enjoys the idea of working with health insurance companies and in the medical industry, you could be a great brain injury attorney specializing in malpractice someday. If you are someone who enjoys science and has an interest in the medical industry, this type of law could be a good fit. Not only will you be able to help people, but you’ll play a big role in making a difference in an important field.

Family Lawyers


Most everyone has a family, and the odds are that you know someone who’s been divorced or been through a child custody situation. If you’ve always wanted to help families and kids, a specialty in family law might be right for you. Family lawyers work to negotiate the terms of a divorce, mediate between estranged partners, and help families transition during new circumstances. If you’re someone who is good with people and naturally empathetic, this could be a great option for you. Your hard work will impact the quality of life for people of all ages and circumstances.

Criminal Attorneys


Criminal lawyers, also known as defense lawyers, represent people charged with a crime. If you’re someone who’s passionate about justice and has an interest in law enforcement, a criminal law specialty could be the perfect fit. Not only will you be able to help those presumed innocent, but your work could lead to big changes in law enforcement and corrections.

In the end, whether you hope to be known as one of New York’s best litigators or a brain injury advocate in the medical community, you’ll have a better chance of becoming one of the best lawyers out there if you’re passionate about your specialty. Before you put in the hard work of law school, take some time to learn about the different types of law out there and you’ll have the best results in your career ahead. Best of luck to you as you begin those law school applications in hopes of attending a top college.