4 Products You Need for Your Cannabis Store

February 23, 2021 Adelaide Bennett 0 Comments

Whether you are new to the Cannabis business and looking to open up shop or have been in the game for a while and want some new products to market for your storefront, there are so many innovative products out there for the modern Cannabis user and business owner.

Now that Cannabis use is on the rise and continually becoming more legal throughout the country, the variety of products have increased significantly and new products are on the shelves each day. It’s hard to keep up with everything in the world of Cannabis, so we are going to go over some of the best products you should consider stocking up on for your store, as well as purchasing for the ease of your business flow.

1. Weed Odor Eliminator


Just because most people are cool with Cannabis doesn’t mean everyone is. Anyone who has been around burning marijuana knows that it gives off a very strong Cannabis smoke odor. Even if you think you’ve done a good job at covering up the smell with common household sprays or organic essential oils, the smell of marijuana smoke tends to linger and can upset non-smokers.

Your best bet for covering up that intense smell of weed is by using Veil Odor Eliminator, which breaks down the smell on a molecular level rather than masking it. This odor elimination spray is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and leaves zero traces of smoke odor. It was developed by chemists who have more than 30 years of experience developing notable household products. This product would be perfect for a dispensary or any type of Cannabis business.

2. High-tech Machinery for Packaging


If you own a business that does some of all of the packaging of Cannabis products for your store, you should consider investing in machinery manufactured by a business supply service such as CoolJarz. Whether you need a vape cartridge filler or shrink sleeve machine, companies like CoolJarz have you covered on portable devices that are compact and easy to operate. Many of their products are made so packages can be reused or recycled by customers as a part of their zero-waste initiative.

One of their most popular machines, the shrink sleeve machine, is a labeling machine and has been designed to replace the traditional labeling process in the industry with a shrink sleeve label. Shrink sleeve labels make use of nearly 100 percent of the container’s real estate and are much more convenient than sticker labels.

3. Edibles


The consumption of Cannabis edibles is on the rise across the country because it’s easy, delicious, and high in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. The process of consuming Cannabis, rather than smoking it, can create a much more intense psychoactive effect because the herb must travel through the digestive system.

Metabolic enzymes breakdown the compounds in the foods we eat, which is why Cannabis edibles can feel more potent than Cannabis that has been smoked or inhaled. Not every Cannabis smoker is a fan of edibles, but the market is still pointing to their popularity being on the rise.

4. Packs of Pre-rolls


You might be unfamiliar with packages of prerolls if you’ve never encountered them before. Prerolls are usually pre-packaged Cannabis joints that come in different sizes and amounts. They will often come in a box that resembles a matchbox and includes matches for the consumer.

Sometimes the joints are a full gram of Cannabis, but other times the amount of marijuana included in the package is broken down into several smaller joints. Either way, at the end of the day this is a great way to give your customers an easy and straightforward way to partake in Cannabis.