Project Management in Law Firm Settings

March 4, 2021 Ryan Ellis 0 Comments

Law firms are legal enterprises where one or more attorneys practice law. Lawyers must earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree and pass the bar exam to practice law. Smaller law firms emphasize their legal specialization, while larger law firms may provide a wider range of legal services. Law firms may also employ paralegals and legal secretaries.

Lawyers typically handle several cases at the same time. Consequently, time management is crucial to their success. Utilizing project management strategies is an effective way for lawyers to maintain exceptional time management and remain on schedule with their caseload.

What is project management?

Project management refers to the process of ensuring an employee or team of employees complete projects on schedule. Project management professionals identify the projects that must be completed and their deadlines. They also identify the staff and resources available. Project managers use their organizational skills to assign tasks, set deadlines, and allocate resources.

To initiate a new project, the project manager must identify the project’s purpose and its priority level. They consider various factors, such as the stakeholders invested in or affected by the project and the funding sources. Once they have pertinent data, they can identify the project goals, break down the essential tasks required to complete the project, and assign staff. Project managers must also consider other factors, such as other projects and deadlines, that may affect the team’s ability to meet their deadlines. They may need to reassign other projects to ensure a high-priority project is completed on schedule or hire additional employees to complete some tasks.

Project managers also oversee project budgets. Once projects are completed, project managers review the outcome and process to identify areas for improvement. Project managers may also hire administrative assistants, known as project coordinators.

How can project management professionals help law firms?


Examining the services provided by one workers compensation attorney in Illinois illustrates how law firms benefit from project management professionals. Personal injury attorneys handle workers’ compensation cases. Personal injury lawyers may represent people who’ve sustained a workplace injury or been hurt in a car accident. Their tasks may involve taking legal steps to ensure their client receives a fair workers’ compensation settlement or negotiating for financial compensation for medical bills from their client’s insurance company. Attorneys may also advise injured workers about other benefits they can apply for and help accident victims obtain funds to cover their medical expenses while they wait for their settlement. If they’re unable to settle out of court, they may need to present legal arguments in court. In addition to these tasks, attorneys also offer a free consultation to every potential client.

The range of duties attorneys perform is one reason law firms benefit from project managers. Project managers can oversee each lawyer’s caseload and ensure new cases are directed to attorneys who are available to take on new cases. They can also oversee the tasks paralegals, and legal secretaries perform and prioritize their duties to ensure projects are completed on schedule. Effective project management professionals will ensure no single employee is overloaded while other team members aren’t being fully utilized.

How can someone earn a PMP certificate?


Project management professional (PMP) certificate courses prepare individuals to be effective project managers. Whether you want to be a project manager or add project management skills to your resume, you can choose between in-person and online courses in project management. The PMP certification online classes cover crucial subject areas, including time, cost, risk, and communication management. PMP training materials also include practice questions to prepare for the PMP exam.

Project managers oversee projects from start to finish. They ensure projects stay on budget and are completed on schedule. Law firms benefit from project management because they must manage multiple cases simultaneously while ensuring they meet all case requirements and deadlines.