How To Make Your Business More Visible in Web Searches

December 14, 2021 Ryan Ellis 0 Comments

The internet is a crucial business tool in today’s digital age, so much so that not having an online presence is certain death for a start-up. However, this doesn’t imply that hosting a website guarantees success. After all, getting your business website to show up in web searches isn’t always easy.

For the most part, it might feel like an impossible task considering many other entrepreneurs are vying for the same webspace. Nevertheless, the good news is that attracting new clients to your site is achievable if you know how to optimize your website to perform better in search engines. On that note, here are some tips for increasing your company’s visibility in web searches.

Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) tools.


It’s no longer news that most people turn to the internet, or more specifically, Google, when searching for a product or piece of information. This shows that you’re more likely to gain new clients if you rank high in Google’s organic search results, and to rank high takes a combination of providing relevant content and using different Google tools.

Therefore, investing in your SEO could mean anything from utilizing the right keywords to paying for Google Analytics or Google Adsense or creating a Google Ad Manager account. However, while there are no restrictions on who can access these services, it’s advisable you use a certified digital marketing agency to ensure that you get the best ROI on your online advertising efforts. For instance, you’re sure to get amazing results from an agency like Flagstone Marketing that is a Google certified partner because they have undergone a Google partner certification program and earned a specialization in managing Google Adwords campaigns.

Define and know your target audience.

The worst mistake any business owner can make is attempting to make their products and services appealing to everyone. Not only is this presumptuous but it’s also simply impossible. Therefore, as ironic as it might seem, the best way to go far is to narrow your focus in the beginning. Narrowing your focus goes beyond identifying your target audience’s demographics (you’ve probably done that already at the start of your business). It’s defining them and getting to know their personalities. What’s your ideal customer profile? What does their typical customer journey map look like? What does an exceptional customer experience mean to this person, and how can you achieve that?

When you can answer these questions, you can begin to consider personalization at scale, enabling you to build customer trust and brand loyalty with a broader audience through a personalized content strategy. After all, the key to successfully marketing to a wider audience is having the right data and the right tool at the right time.

Make your website mobile-friendly.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is one important but often overlooked way to make your website more visible in web searches.

Research shows that mobile phones account for half of the web traffic worldwide, and a significant percentage of smartphone users will quickly move to another site if they’re dissatisfied with the performance of your mobile site. Perhaps this is why Google places a significant priority on rewarding mobile-friendly websites with higher search rankings. Therefore, when creating your website, you’ll need to monitor how it functions on mobile phones as a fast and responsive mobile site that is clutter-free, which can lead to higher conversion rates and more web search visibility.

Create quality and shareable content.

Your social media followers aren’t the only ones who should be aware of your website. Make your content shareable and appealing by using photographs, interesting captions, and relevant subjects. For instance, if you’ve linked a brand you admire in one of your blog posts, you can choose to notify them through social media or via email. This can lead to a chain reaction of reposts, allowing you to cast a bigger net in the virtual world.

Make sure others can find your business on the web by making use of these tips!