How Accident Scene Photos Can Boost the Value of Your Claim

January 31, 2020 Joe Badalis 0 Comments

A car accident can produce many life-altering adjustments in a person’s life. Losing a job from a short term injury that keeps you home for weeks can create or add to financial problems. Severe accidents can have long term effects such as debilitating conditions. These situations keep you from retaining a job and may have you surviving on social security and Medicaid.

After a crash, it’s important to collect information or evidence especially photographs. All videos and pictures capturing the scene can help increase your chances during a case. Here’s how the photos from your accident can boost the value of your claim.

Driving Safety

Millions of people are involved in vehicle accidents globally, with around 6 million occurring yearly in the US. Road collisions are reported to be the in the top 10 causes of death across the world. The safety of the driver is a significant concern to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries. Repeating accident offenders may be able to reduce any penalties by taking safety driver’s classes.

These sessions will teach you on reducing hazardous habits such as texting while driving, eating or drinking, and remaining alert behind the wheel. Anyone wishing to brush up on their driving skills can participate in a safety program online or in person. This can help you freshen up or learn current road rule changes or give you (and family) peace of mind when you’re on the road.

What To Do At The Scene

The first step you should consider after an accident is calling 911 to report an accident. Once emergency units are there, the police begin to make a formal report and to manage other issues such as moving traffic around the scene. If possible, move the vehicle to the side of the road and if you’re physically able to move (if not, don’t try to maneuver out; wait for the EMTs to arrive). Begin exchanging insurance information with the other party.

Some people may examine their vehicles and note there’s not much damage an decide to either forget the situation and go their separate ways. While it may seem like a good idea to keep your insurance down, you could be doing more harm. Without the other person’s information to submit to the insurance company, there’s no proof of the incident. Injuries like whiplash aren’t always felt immediately.

According to the personal injury law firm in Orange County begun by attorney Daniel Kim, physical injuries could come up days later. There may be legal rights you’re not aware of and may fall victim to losing out on compensation.

The Importance Of Evidence

After an accident is the most crucial time to collect evidence of the scene. Taking photos of both cars, your injuries if they are visible, and shots of the scene can be important proof if needed for a future legal case. Write down the license plate number of the other person’s car in case they decide to make a quick getaway. A hit and run no matter how little the damage may seem is a criminal offense in most states.

Penalities of leaving an accident can be anywhere from a fine to even jail time and in some cases, your car insurance company may drop your coverage. All photographic evidence you gather should be saved. Your smart device or phone has the option of getting cloud picture backups in case anything happens to them. You can send these pictures to your attorney in the event of a lawsuit to prove vehicle damage and personal injuries.

Your lawyer will also require any other documents such as the police report, medical reports, hospital charges or ambulance fees, and insurance claims. Your attorney may be able to obtain the dashcam footage of the police vehicle recording the incident. Physical evidence also helps you and your lawyer solidify your case in the event the insurance company denies your claim. The more proof you have, the better chances you have to receive the compensation you need to pay off medical bills.