Fun Business-Boosting Ideas for Banks and Credit Unions

November 12, 2019 Joe Badalis 0 Comments

For many customers, banking can feel like a burden or a chore. Although it can seem challenging to create enjoyable experiences for customers, marketing can help banks and credit unions drive business while boosting morale. Here’s a list of fun business-boosting ideas for banks and credit unions.

Encourage customer interaction

BB&T, a regional bank in the United States, promoted customer interaction by creating a game for mobile devices. Creating a game for your customers—like a scavenger hunt or a financial game—can make banking feel more fun. Jim Bruene at Netbanker recommends creating a program that allows customers to play financial games and keep score against other customers and peers. Rewards can include points, discounts, savings gains, and other measures of financial achievement.

Additionally, post-bank-related trivia questions around the office or across your social media accounts. Trivia can range from historical questions to guess how many pennies are in a jar. Choose to offer one big prize or multiple smaller prizes to reward a select number of correct respondents.

Some banks and credit unions have also put up selfie walls inside of their offices to encourage customers to take pictures and tag the business on Google, Yelp, or other social media channels. Creating a selfie wall is a great way to drive organic traffic online while encouraging customers to interact with your business.

Use social media to your advantage

Posting fun content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can drive in business and will positively influence customer’s perception of your bank or credit union. From photos to cartoons, don’t hesitate to post fun and unusual content to your social media accounts. For more social media ideas on marketing for credit unions, check out Nettra Media.

Another way to use social media to your advantage is through posting surveys. Posting short surveys with simple questions to your social media accounts highlights areas to improve your business model and leads to improved customer satisfaction. Try using MaxDiff analysis, which asks respondents to rank the best and worst attributes, to find out what customers think about your business.

Host an annual gathering

Since banks and credit unions thrive on business from their local community, hosting an annual gathering can bring your community together while building the presence of your business. Depending on your budget, you might choose to host a barbeque or a small carnival. Make sure to include fun activities for both kids and adults—like bouncy houses and trivia contests. Offer branded prizes—like hats and t-shirts—to encourage involvement and build a reputation within your community.

Offer freebies to visitors

Parents with hectic schedules often bring their kids to the bank or credit union. Providing simple treats, like candy and stickers, will make parents feel at ease and make the experience more enjoyable for kids. Don’t forget dogs, either. Leaving a small bowl of treats at the teller’s window will allow tellers to offer drive-up customers treats for their dog. Offering something special to parents and dog owners can build your reputation among the community at a small cost.

If your budget allows, you can even offer freebies to regular visitors. Your freebies don’t have to be in the form of cash—instead, consider entering visitors in a drawing for a restaurant gift card. 

Partner with local businesses, like bakeries or grocery stores, to offer free cookies all day.

To further promote business, consider giving away free ice cream or snow-cones on a hot summer day. Although freebies may simply get customers in the door, your bank’s atmosphere and friendliness can encourage visitors to return and open an account. Always be sure to use social media accounts to alert potential customers of freebie offerings.

Contrary to popular belief, banking can be fun and enjoyable. Ultimately, practicing these fun tips can help your bank or credit union boost business and morale.