5 Ways to Use Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

Utilizing social media to market properties has become a new best practice in real estate. Buyers searching for their dream home and sellers hoping to make a quick sale are all turning to the power of social media to attract interest. Most buyers use online tools to narrow down their home searches, and Facebook is a great platform for real estate marketing. Take a look at the ways you can leverage Facebook to market properties.

1. Work with a social-media-savvy real estate agent.


The best way to leverage social media to sell your home is to work with a social-media-savvy realtor. Facebook is always updating its algorithm, and keeping up with the changes can be challenging if it’s not your profession. Knowing how to use Facebook properly ensures your listing has the most impact. A realtor with experience selling homes on Facebook and other social media platforms ensures you make a quick sale at the most attractive asking price.

Working with an experienced real estate broker is the smart way to find a new home that suits your needs for the right price. Dickerson real estate has years of experience helping buyers and sellers leverage real estate. The broker can help you devise the best strategy to meet your buying, selling, or investing goals while helping you build wealth. The brokers at Joe Dickerson Group are experts in negotiation tactics, inspection contingencies, and more to help you realize your property goals.

2. Take advantage of targeting features.


Facebook features various targeting options that can be layered to ensure your listing shows up to the right buyer pool. Target your listing based on the region where you’re selling, then target by zip code. Avoid targeting within an overly precise location within a one-mile radius. Then you can take advantage of age targeting and zone in on the age ranges most likely to buy. Demographic targeting features allow you to target your audience based on income and show your listing to buyers who can afford it. Facebook also allows you to target by homeownership status, a lookalike audience, and people most likely to move.

3. Make it visual.


Creating a visual posting allows buyers to visualize the space and imagine themselves in it. There are plenty of free photo-editing apps you can use to punch up the color and impact of your photos. Buyers are more likely to make an appointment for a showing when your listing includes photos that show off the key selling points of your home.

The more visual things are, the more they stand out. Nail art is a fun way to enhance your manicure and make your nails stand out. Rather than finding the time to go to the nail salon, stick-nail art allows you to get a salon-quality manicure at home in minutes. The custom gel manicure nail stickers from Mani Me are custom fit to your nails to create fresh gel nails that last up to 10 days. You’ll enjoy the look of real nail polish without the dry time in minutes from the convenience of your home. Just as you’d use these kinds of products to boost your own looks, you’ll need to spruce up property you’re looking to sell, and show it off.

4. Video marketing makes your listing stand out.


Video marketing has been growing in popularity. Listings with videos tend to get more attention and views than listings without. Shooting a quality video that gives a virtual tour of your home is a great way to highlight its selling features and give buyers an idea of how the home flows. It’s not terribly expensive to create a quality video, especially if it means selling faster.

5. Experiment with Facebook ads.


There’s no right or wrong way to approach Facebook ads. The general rule of thumb when it comes to marketing is to try anything and everything until something sticks. Facebook has plenty of free tutorials that teach you the ropes of Facebook ads. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into Facebook advertising, but you do need to be willing to keep trying until you find what works.

Facebook is a great platform to leverage when marketing real estate. These are just some of the ways you can take advantage of social media when marketing a property.