4 Tips for Hosting a Fun Business Event

November 17, 2021 Rosie Brooks 0 Comments

There are plenty of ways to host a fun and engaging business event. After all, just because it’s business-based, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time too. So whether you’re a business owner, in the marketing mix, an employee, or an event coordinator, you need to have a few sure-fire tactics in your toolbelt for this event. Here are four tips and ideas that will make your business event one that everyone will remember.

1. Find your reason for the event.


First thing’s first, you should likely have a reason for your business event. Maybe it’s a Linkedin networking event, a new marketing strategy, a marketing campaign kick-off, or the completion of your long-awaited social media site. One excellent idea for hosting a business event is to celebrate the revamping of your current marketing plan.

Using this event to introduce your new market strategy is a wise choice because employees can become aware of all of the necessary changes that may happen with your new marketing efforts. Some of these changes may include learning more about keywords, SEO-informed content, customer service ideas, competitive analysis, target market, new product unveiling timelines, and other strategic plans.

All in all, using this event as the first step towards introducing your new digital marketing strategy is a great way to inform employees that you’re changing your current marketing plan to a digital marketing plan which has a proven track record to pull in potential customers.

2. Foster some healthy competition.


If you have a party that’s comprised of your businesses’ marketing team, it’s safe to say they’re going to like some healthy competition. After all, employees that work in marketing are always trying to reach a new audience, improve visibility, and push brand awareness.

Why not use this self-motivation for an enjoyable game of pool at your business event. A pool table is an easy way to get somebody to relax, unwind, and create some healthy competition. Whoever is doing the event planning should check out these pool table rentals for a variety of rentals and entertainment.

Plus, a pool table is a brilliant addition because it’s equal parts classy and fun! Not to mention, if you have a large marketing team, there’s a good chance that your employees don’t even interact with some of their fellow employees. To help everyone get to know one another on a more heartfelt level, play work-appropriate icebreaker games and a game of pool that will allow your workers to connect.

3. Consider great drinks and snacks.


Most people would agree that one of the major cornerstones of any event is the food and drinks available to the guests. With this in mind, it’s worthwhile to cater for your business event. Have whatever foods and drinks you think your marketing team will love. However, you’ll likely want to consider the cost and details of your event for catering purposes.

Luckily, many highly-rated catering companies manage the entire event for you. Let the caterers decide on the metrics like how many servers, tables, and bartenders you’ll need. Organizing all of these various facets for a large event becomes so much easier when it’s kept and calculated all in one place. So, instead of being overwhelmed with small details, you can focus on other aspects of your business event.

4. Have the event tied to a charity.


A final tip to make your event more meaningful is to have some kind of emotional connection tied to your event. This can be done through some sort of charitable donation. For example, your business event could have a raffle or have attendees pay a flat fee to enter and some of that money goes towards a local GoFundMe campaign.

This way, you get more turn-out from potential customers, and your employees feel like the event is also doing something good for others. In turn, you’ll have created a memorable event that does something kind and thoughtful too.